Water is a force that cannot be stopped. The best we can do is ‘manage’ the water. If we can manage the water and make it go where we direct it— we will no longer have a water problem. Water will go to its easiest path of resistance. Over time it begins to erode. The Grand Canyon is a perfect example.

With our foundations being porous this water can sit in block walls as well as being absorbed by concrete and brick. This can create hydrostatic pressure. When you have hydrostatic pressure it can compromise the integrity of the structure-your home. We have the solutions for managing your water issues and can guarantee you will never see any water in your basement.


The purpose of a drainage system inside your home is to keep it from flooding. The lowest point of your home is susceptible to flooding from even a mild rainstorm or snowfall. That is why it is important to be prepared. Drainage systems can apply both internally and externally while basement waterproofing remains a popular option. At Windy City Waterproofing, each specific job is designed to fir the age and layout of a home.
Internal drainage systems are a more common choice as they are less intensive, invasive and expensive to install. Windy City Waterproofing can provide you with a drainage system that won’t break the bank, but will still keep water out of your basement. We have extensive experience waterproofing all kinds of homes.