How a Moldy Crawl Space affects you!
A moldy crawl space could be affecting your health. The mould that’s living in your crawl space could be moving up into your living space; increasing allergy and asthma problems.
What Do I Need to Do First?
First you need to find the source of your crawl space mould problem. Give us a call at Windy City Waterproofing (773) 819-7911 for a Free In-Home Estimate!
Why Do I Have Crawl Space Mould?
Mold loves a damp, warm space that has a food source – like wood. Sound like your crawl space? Then you could have a mouldy crawl space problem.
Warm Spaces:
Mould can thrive in any temperature but loves the steady temperature of your crawl space. Add in high humidity and a food source and you have the perfect recipe for mold growth.
High Humidity:
A relative humidity greater than 55% encourages mould growth. This is also the desired humidity level for dust mites – yet another source of health problems.
Did you know that the wood floor joists in your crawl space are mold’s favorite food? That’s because they are made of cellulose – mold loves cellulose – and the wood floor joists are 40-50% cellulose.
We’re here to Help You Find the Best Solutions for Your Crawl Space…
We’re here to help you find the perfect solution for your home, and find out the source of your moldy crawl space problems.



It is a common misconception for homeowners to rely on a vented crawlspace to keep humidity down. Vents in a crawlspace are quickly becoming outdated as new construction rarely utilizes this method. That is because air that enters through the home at lower level eventually rises and can carry any mold spores that are found in the crawlspace. Therefore, it is a more effective and safer to seal off the crawlspace and not allow air to gain access through vents. Those vents often lead to very poor air quality within a home. More research is showing the ill effects of vents while also evidencing the effectiveness of a encapsulating your crawlspace.

The bottom line is that encapsulation is safer for you and your family. Problems with mold can be completely avoided when you chose Windy City Waterproofing . This is not a job homeowners will want to do themselves. There needs to be proper execution so that a crawlspace is completely sealed. Our technicians have all the proper tools as well as the experience to use the proper techniques when called for. There is a certain science to successful encapsulation and our customers can expect this service to be performed with the utmost skill.